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1. Ephesians 6:15 “And your feet shod with the preparation of

the gospel of Peace.” Paul is speaking in military terms.

2. Peace is an awesome weapon both defensively and

offensively. Peace not only protects you but it also provides

you with a brutal weapon to crush the enemy under your feet.

3. The Greek word shod means under and to bind. The word

actually means binding something on the bottom of ones feet

very tightly.

4. Thus we must firmly tie peace around our lives binding it

around our minds and emotions so our peace isn’t just

attached loosely.

5. Paul’s use of the word preparation means for us to be in

readiness or preparation. The word preparation conveys the

idea tightly laced boots that gave Roman soldiers firmness or

a solid foundation. Paul is further conveying that peace in our

lives is foundational to a firm footing.

6. Aggressive peace in our lives puts us in a position to face the

adversary or challenge without fear or intimidation.

7. Further Pauls uses the Greek word for peace that conveys the

idea of a peace that is so strong that its conquering force will

be very powerful against the chaos experienced by a person.

8. When this kind of peace is firmly fixed in your mind and

emotions, there is little the devil can do to move you. Also

examine yourself to make sure you haven’t violated scripture

and left the door open for demonic attack.

9. There are two kinds of peace. First there is the (Defensive

Peace) that is the peace with God that comes with the

salvation experience. As Paul said, “And, having made peace

through the blood of his cross…you that were sometimes

alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now

hath he reconciled” Col.1:20-21.

10. Second there is the (Offensive Peace) that is the peace of

God. Instead of being dominated by this prevailing,

conquering peace that surpasses natural understanding,

some believers walk in constant fretfulness, anxiety, worry and

all kinds of other turmoil because of the lack the peace of


11. The peace of God is more than just protective peace. It is

meant to aggressively protect you from fretfulness, anxiety,

worry, and everything else the devil might try to use against

your heart and mind, will, & emotions.

12. Colossians 3:15 Paul says, “And let the peace of God “rule” in

your hearts”. The Greek word rule their meant in the ancient

world an umpire or referee who judged the athletic games in

the ancient world. Let peace rule or call the shots in your

emotions rather than ride an emotional roller coaster.

13. Peace in relationship to a Roman soldier’s feet as a defensive

weapon is illustrated by the metal protective armor called the

“greave” started at the top of the knee and extended down to

the top of the feet. As an offensive weapon the bottom and

sides of the soldiers boots had sharp cleats and sharp spikes

protruding to offensively attack the adversary.

14. Likewise believers must be shod with (Offensive Peace) as

protection against the onslaught of the devil and the

challenges of life that emotionally bruise & batter us. Of

course it is the preparation of the gospel’s peace that makes

the believers feet so lethal as a weapon against the demonic

roaming the Earth.

15. Offensive Peace: Romans 16:20, Paul said, “ And the God

of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly…. In the

Greek the word bruise here is historically used to denote the

act of smashing and utterly crushing grapes into wine and it

also means snapping, breaking and crushing bones beyond


16. Romans 16:20 teaches us that Satan’s only rightful position

is under our feet, completely subdued. And it is the God of

peace helping bruise Satan under your feet.

17. And what does shortly mean? Roman soldiers took very

hard, short, heavy steps and when they marched in


18. The clapping of the soldiers shoes upon the pavement served

as a warning to the community. If an old woman or little child

was in the soldiers path they got crushed.

19. This is a very graphic explanation that Paul gives us as to

how we are to crush the enemy under our feet. If he gets in

our way we don’t politely ask him to move we just keep

marching with short heavy step with our feet shod with the

gospel of peace which is the word of God.

20. As you move forward in faith, do as much damage to the

enemy as possible. Remember the Roman soldiers had

sharp cleats on the bottom of their shoes and spikes

protruding from the sides to trample the enemy. Trample the

enemy with the word of God. He is already under your feet.

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