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Rosh Chodesh * New Moon * First Fruits Offering Celebration 6th Month of Elul

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Rosh Chodesh New Moon Celebration

Gregorian Date: Sunset, Saturday, August 27, 2022, 5782

_6th__Month: __Elul__

READ pg. __289-297_ in A Time to Advance by Chuck Pierce

The month of the Tribe of ___Gad___

READ Pg _234-235__ in A Time to Advance by Chuck Pierce

New Moon-rok-romih

Here are your monthly prompts to studying A Time to Advance by Chuck Pierce and to help you take on more of a Hebrew Mindset by endeavoring to grow in honoring the Lord in the three apexes of

  1. Weekly Sabbath

  2. Monthly First Fruits Offering and Rosh Chodesh

  3. Annual quarterly Celebrations & Feasts

This blog post is to help you celebrate Rosh Chodesh this month in accordance with what we’ve been studying together through A Time To Advance by Chuck Pierce

Revelation 12:11

Amplified Bible

11 And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death.

What is the word of your testimony for last month? Part of celebrating the New Moon and giving a First Fruits Offering every month is honoring and thanking the Lord for what he accomplished last month while also looking to the new moon and trusting Him for what He’s about to do this next month. It’s a good time for introspection and reflection while getting with God to thank Him, honor Him tangibly and relationally, but also not just with our tithes and offerings, but additionally with the month’s First Fruit’s Offering and to strategize with Him about what He wants to produce in our lives and what he wants us to give and how He wants us to serve His purposes in this next month.

Inventory for last Month:

Have you watched the video on Grace by James Ryle that was included in last month’s blog post for Rosh Chodesh?

How are you walking in that new level of God‘s empowerment?

What are your testimonies from last month’s Av pages in Time to Advance?

Aside from trying to get outside and enjoy the sunset at least on Friday night for Sabbath, Brad and I have begun the tradition of going over our monthly budget on or around The New Moon-First Fruits Offering-Rosh Chodesh and have approached it with the mindset of celebration and gratitude. A budget report meeting may not sound like a party to you, but we are taking God’s word seriously when He commands these feasts to be a celebration! We are mandated to be the head and not the tail, to be leaders and wealth builders in God’s kingdom, stewards of all that is God’s creation, multipliers of His kingdom fruitfulness spirit, soul and body personally and together in community as Ekklesia with all that is in the earth as resources. Then ought we not get with Him on a regular basis and thank Him for where He brought us from and asses where we are so we can run our race intentionally by mapping out with Him where He wants us to go?

Brad and I have been so blessed to read two additional books explaining a Hebrew Mindset on finances.

Money Handbook: Spiritual Keys and Practical Steps to Finance

by Services LLC

Learn more:

Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don't Know

So much so, that Brad created an excel spreadsheet for our budget that categorizes our finances in the five jars method of the Hebrew Mindset Principals and Values mentioned in Craig Hill’s book.

You can download a free copy of the 5 jars excel spreadsheet at

Anticipation and Expectancy for this next Month:

In this new month of Elul, “the king is in the field” which means we have greater access to connect with the King. We don’t have to go through as much protocol to enter His courts and come before His throne, because he is in the field with us on the battlefields of all of the things we are doing in our call and assignments.

I’m gonna pop in another video at the bottom of this blog post for you to mull over from Kris Vallotton because I think Kris gives a really profound layout for a strategy that Dr. Bill & Barbara Peters have been trying to implement and weave together for all of us as an Apostolic Center of Ekklesia.

How this ties into the month of Elul is Chuck Pierce encourages us to really get with God and figure out which tribe we identify with and align with, so we can camp out in this season in the right order of how the tribes camped out for strategic placement relationally, safety in the wilderness and success during battle. With like-minded thinking and the power of agreement in Ekklesia in this season’s battles,

we can enter our promises,

fulfill our calling,

achieve our assignments,

do our part,

and play our role in REFORMATION.

If the king is in the field then we need to take this opportunity to get with him on a personal micro level, as well as have him expand us into His plans of our calling assignment in this season so we can move forward towards what he wants to accomplish in the macro trajectory of our calling and assignment. What we do in our relationship with God in our personal micro now, transforms us like a butterfly’s metamorphosis so that through us, God can impact the macro community around us.

Kris’s message gives reference to creating things in our epoch season now that will equip and prepare things in the spirit and in the natural so that in the future

after this

great awakening,

after repentance,

after revival, and


we can then get to the reformation part of God’s plans for His Kingdom.

There are so many things in our culture, society, government, media, economy, and education that need reform. How long will we wiggle on our own strength before we’ll turn to rely on God’s Spirit for strength and wisdom?

Let us reverse engineer reformation a minute. Let’s talk about repentance like it is merely pruning. After a time of fruitfulness, we need to change our minds about the next season of fruitfulness. Regroup. Take inventory and analyzed what worked, what didn’t, and how to compound our work efforts by accelerating exponentially what did work in the next growth cycle.

For repentance, we need to yield to vulnerability, honesty, and introspection so that God can clear out and prune what is no longer needed in our lives so we can yield an even greater impact for this next season.

Then we can grow abundantly in this next season. Revival doesn’t happen without repentance. It starts with repentance. If we can think of repentance as spring cleaning or pruning then our calling and assignments will be more fruitful when we yield to that process. Then we’re well on our way to revival.

Revival breeds the innovation of the renaissance. If we think of revival and renaissance as the prophetic lever that primes the pump and breathes new birth and life into creativity, ideas, inventions, discoveries, and innovation, then that tees us up for Reformation.

In Kris’s message, he mentions how we need to build the infrastructure of reformation apostolically! If the apostles and prophets don’t step in and innovate and create infrastructure for reformation then we don’t get to the reformation part of God’s plan and we’ve tourniquet it or short-sheeted ourselves with just a splash of revival and some evangelism.

Many fruitful things and fruit that have remained came out of the renewal back at Mott Auditorium at Harvest Rock Church and in the Airport Vineyard Renewal that happened in the 90s. Brad and I were a part of Harvest Rock and we know people who are still walking in the fruit that remained from that outpouring.

Many of our Angelfire congregants are a direct product of the revival that happened during the Jesus Movement.

Isaiah 61 reveals the heart of God for not just revival but also reformation:

Many prophets are currently proclaiming and declaring revival in this season and a great awakening along with a transfer of wealth. We cannot fail to grab onto the king in the field right now in this next month. We cannot fail to get His strategies, His Intel and His downloads for wisdom and direction for how to not only repent, be revived, refreshed, and renewed personally on a micro level, but we must also get activated in the macro purposes of our call and walk in the success of our assignments, so that together as Ekklesia, we can build the infrastructure of a sustainable reformation that does not fade out with the next four-year term of administration or the next generation of economists, scientists, voters, parents, influencers and the next generation of taxpayers and billionaires. Let not our era’s revival merely become nostalgia in our old age. We need to be unified as Ekklesia so we can build the prophetic and apostolic infrastructure of a sustainable reformation that goes forth to a thousand generations of those who are sitting on Father God’s lap bringing God’s will onto earth as it is in heaven.

Please leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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2022년 8월 27일

"We need to be unified as Ekklesia so we can build the prophetic and apostolic infrastructure of a sustainable reformation that goes forth to a thousand generations of those who are sitting on Father God’s lap bringing God’s will onto earth as it is in heaven." 🤗

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