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Teaching by Lauren Hanna

These Are The Sermon Notes

Vision and Interpretation: I saw this ugly/creepy, decaying skull creature thing in a large container filled with bubbly red water. The top was open and it came out and tried to get me. So I took the lid, covered the container, and held it tight. The demon-creature became frantic as it was starting to drown. Then, after a little bit, it died and slid to the bottom of the container. Then the bottom opened, sucked the creature out of the jar and launched it into outer darkness. When that happened an angel walked by and high-fived me. I believe the explanation is simple. I think the red represents war, and the liquid is some type of witchcraft (like a witch’s brew in a cauldron). This demon is gruesome, but it can easily be defeated - suffocation. The key is to not give the enemy something it can use. As I remain in joy, peace, faith, love, hope, self-control, etc. The enemy gets suffocated and sucked out into outer darkness. This is the way to help and partner with the angels in this war - hence the high-five. When he gave me the high-five, I could feel the relief on him. It was like he was saying, “Finally, she got it.”

The fact of the matter is we are in a war. A war that is fought by us and by angels. We are partners in this war, and I believe in this season the Lord wants us to interact better with one another. I got some revelation on what our part does to help the angels do theirs. I’ll be discussing three of them here.

“There’s a place set aside for you in God where you get to make the enemy tired and weary. He becomes depressed by your joy. He becomes discouraged by your grace. He becomes paranoid about your peace. You make the enemy tired, weary, depressed, and requiring therapy.” - Graham Cooke

1. The Power of Words.

- Proverbs 11:11

- Matthew 16:19

- Isaiah 52:7-9

Our words (regardless of the medium they are used in i.e. reading, song, speaking, writing, etc.) are powerful. They change things either to bring the Kingdom on Earth more or less. When our words are in alignment with Heaven then the angels don’t have to worry about dealing with the implosions in the spirit because of our self-sabotage. Our words will spur them on and allow the Kingdom work to get done sooner and better.

"Speaking the truth in love is not telling someone's shortcomings as nicely as possible because that is not the truth. That is only true. The truth is they are dead in Christ and all that stuff is done away. The truth is who you are in Jesus, so when we are speaking the truth in love we are not putting someone down nicely, we are elevating someone brilliantly.” - Graham Cooke

2. The Power of Perspective

- Matthew 13:16-7

- Deuteronomy 28:1-14

We need to know who we are in Christ in a greater way. As citizens of Heaven, we cannot afford to have an earthly perspective. We have to constantly ask God for higher vision, to look down on Earth with Him and see what He is doing from His perspective. If we don’t we’ll miss the bigger picture, and allow things like discouragement, insecurity, and frustration take over and derail us from our destiny. If we do get the bigger picture then we can get upgrades in every situation and push our destiny forward faster.

"What if every situation is an invitation to see something different? All things are possible, only believe. That is why I am absolutely convinced there is no such thing as a negative, only a possibility that you haven’t yet discovered!” - Graham Cooke

3. The Power of the Kingdom

- Romans 14:17

- Mathew 13:44-46

- Psalms 92:12-15

- Matthew 18:20

When we reside in righteousness, peace, and joy the attacks of the enemy are futile. In fact, he’ll soon enough give up because you’re not worth the waste of time to him. At this point we can partner with the Lord and angels to even further bring the kingdom down on earth, because the enemy is ignoring us! Furthermore, as we do this together in unity we form a shield that is impenetrable - ie… Viking shield formations.

"Joy is about elation. It's about having a sense of wonder. It's taking absolute pleasure in someone or something. It's being jubilant. It's being cheerful, triumphant, celebratory. So when we are practicing joy, we are learning the art of celebration. What are we celebrating? God is for me. God is with me. He is for me, He is on my side. He is in me. He surrounds me. Everything about Him is for me, and He will help me. I am rejoicing in the fact that I know what God is like.” - Graham Cooke

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