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First Force Recon Company:

Sunrise at Midnight

 $8 plus $5 s&h


In 1969, First Lieutenant Bill Peters and the Force Recon Marines had one of the most difficult, dangerous assignments in Vietnam. From the DMZ to the Central Highlands, their job was to provide strategic and operational intelligence to insure the security of American units as the withdrawal of the troops progressed.
Making perilous helicopter inserts deep in the Que Son Mountains, where the constant chatter of AK-47 rifle fire left no doubt who was in charge, Peters and the other men of 1st Force Recon Company risked their lives every day in six-man teams, never knowing whether they would live to see the sunset. Peters's accounts of silently watching huge movements of heavily armed NVA regulars, prisoner snatches, sudden-death ambushes, and extracts from fiercely fought firefights vividly capture the realities of Recon Marine warfare, and offer a gritty tribute to the courage, heroism, and sacrifice of the U. S. Marines. .

Special Ops Church

$11 plus $5 s&h


Ministry leader and author Dr. Bill Peters, a former military officer having served in special operations as a Marine Corps Force Recon team leader during the Vietnam, applies his experience from successfully planned and executed missions to a plan for spiritual battle for the church. Readers are shown how the Holy Spirit uniquely equips individuals—and the church as a whole—for the special task of winning others to Christ in a turbulent and sometimes volatile world.

Nine Principles of Spiritual Warfare

8 cd's plus Study Guide: $35 includes s&h 


Over the past years Dr. Peters has shared his leadership gift with the world around him.  His unique background in ministry  education and as an officer in the Marine Corps. in Vietnam (where he earned the Silver Star, Two Bronze Stars with combat V's and the Purple Heart) has enabled him to see the spiritual battle through the eyes of a warrior!


Dr. Peters teaches extensively on organizational tactics and strategic planning. He has a BA Degree from San Francisco State University, a California lifetime teaching credential, a Masters in Divinity and a PH.D in Psychology  This teaching series ties together all his battlefield experience, his education and Christian experience and applies it to the area of understanding spiritual warfare. 

Special Ops Woman

 $11 plus $5 s&h


First and foremost a Special Ops Woman is a woman of God. Special Ops, is a military term for elite and disciplined military personnel that perform their missions with a very high level of proficiency. This book is designed to help women identify and develop their pursuit of fulfilling their day to day responsibilities.


Ministry leader and author Barbara Peters is married to former Special Ops Marine Corp combat officer, Dr. Bill Peters.   In those many years she has learned to use the Nine Principles of War to operate her life and ministry. Barbara's book will instruct you how to better prepare and equip yourself for your mission in life.

CD - Barbara Peters

Live at Angel Fire - "The Warrior King"

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This CD, entitled "The Warrior King," contains 63 minutes of live prophetic impromptu worship. Barbara Peters sings lead vocals with Bradley DeRuiter on guitar and vocals and Al Rondon playing drums.  


Enjoy "the songs of the Lord" as you listen to the beautiful sounds of heaven on these tracks:


  1. The Warrior King

  2. The Word of the Lord

  3. Jesus Full of Glory

  4. I Hear A Sound

  5. Jesus is King

  6. No One Greater Than

  7. He Stretches Out His Hand

  8. Holy One of God

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