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Soweto, South Africa

Managua, Nicaragua

California, USA

Rosarito, Mexico


West Coast Apostolic Coalition

Advancing God's Kingdom Locally and Internationally 

Thru 5 Fold MInistry on all 7 Cultural Mountains


Dr. Bill & Barbara Peters

Simi Valley, CA USA

Founding Apostles & Prophets, have developed local Apostolic Centers throughout Southern California. The Peters have also built apostolic relationships in the Guatang Province of South Africa and are finishing the construction of their ICAN children’s village in Soweto South Africa.


They minister culturally on these mountains:

Church: Apostolic leaders for Angel Fire Christian Center and other local ministries.


Government: LT. Bill Peters is a Marine Corp Force Recon Veteran. He has a voice in the military ranks and continues to speak at Marine Corp and other Armed Forces events.


Business: Owners of a movie LLC. and have hosted Business Training School events via ISOM. 


Media: Published Authors, for a list of books click here


Arts/Entertainment: Ministry to several A Lister Industry Relationships. Owners of a movie LLC. Barbara Peters is professional singer and recording artist.


Education: Sponsoring ISOM (International School of Ministry) both locally and internationally. 


Family: Founding the International Children’s Aid Network and building the Children’s Village in South Africa which will provide a day care center, a school and orphanage facilities. 

Bradley & Kimiya DeRuiter

Simi Valley, CA USA

Minister culturally on these mountains:

Business: Bradley and Kimiya own several companies. Bradley has over 25 years of Executive management experience. Bradley and Kimiya train entrepreneurs on how to start a business and have taught and facilitated ISOM’s Business Training School.  You can find out more about their companies and bio on these websites:


Church: Assistant Ordained Staff at Angel Fire Christian Center. Both Brad and Kimiya preach and teach on Sunday services. Bradley also leads worship on Wednesday night services. They have a Blog:


Family: Brad and Kimiya assist RSA with the ICAN Children's Village


Education:: Teach the Business Training School  Home School Veterans.

Franklin & Shari Perry

Burbank, CA USA

Minister culturally on these mountains:

Church: Founding Pastors of River of Life


Arts/Entertainment: Franklin: IMDB info. Shari: IMDB info.


Education: Facilitate ISOM (International School of Ministry). 

Godfrey & Margaret Twahirwa

Canyon Country, CA USA

Minister culturally on these mountains:


Education: Both Teachers in Santa Clarita/San Fernando Valley schools 



Dione De La Rosa

Simi Valley, CA and Peru

Founder of Holy Spirit Ministry.


We are pleased to publicize the opening of Holy Spirit Ministry in Simi Valley, letting you know that this is  a Ministry of worship, Intercession and Ministry directed by the Holy Spirit. This is  a Ministry dedicated to not only the community of Simi Valley but of the United States expanding all over the world. Our mission is to meet the souls that do not know Christ Jesus  as their Lord and Savior, restore to those who got lost along the way and rescue the children who have been hurt because of dysfunctional families who need Christ Jesus  as their Savior and Redeemer. This Ministry moves under the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, to promote the family unity, the unity of the Christian community to work in the same sense and in the same direction. We ask the congregations of Simi Valley to join in this great movement of intercession and worship this been the key of the kingdom of heaven to reach the victory in Christ Jesus and believing that with your collaboration, Unity and love of Jesus Christ we will accomplish these goals. Welcome to Holy Spirit Ministry.


Ministerio Del Espiritu Santo Nos complacemos en dar a conocer la Apertura del Ministerio Del Espiritu Santo en Simi Valley, Dandoles a conoser que  es un ministerio de Adoracion, Intercession y Ministracion dirijidos por el Espiritu Santo. Este  es un ministerio dedicado  a la communidad no solo de Simi Valley sino de Los Estados Unidos expandiendose por todo el mundo. Nuestra mission  es alcansar las almas que no conosen  a Cristo Jesus como su Senor y Salvador, restaurar a los que se han perdido en el camino y rescatad a los ninos que han sido lastimados por causa de familias disfucionales que necesitan  a Cristo Jesus como su Salvador y redentor. Este Ministerio  se mueve bajo el poder y la autoridad del Espiritu Santo, promoviendo la unidad familiar, la unidad de la communidad cristianaparutrabajar en un mismo sentido y en una misma direcion., pedimos a las congregaciones de Simi Valley que se unan en este gran movimiento de intercession adoracion como la llave del reyno de los cielos para alcansar la victoria en Cristo  Jesus y creyendo que con  su colaboracion, unidad y el amor de Cristo  Jesus lograremos estas metas. Bienvenidos  sean al Ministerio Del Espiritu Santo.

Leticia & Javier Alderete

Rosarito, Mexico

Dr. Rev. Diane Wigstone

Hollywood, CA & Arlington, Texas, USA

Ministers culturally on these mountains:

Business, Church, Media, Arts, Education, Family


Diane ministers culturally on these mountains:

Church: Diane is an ordained minister and has been in ministry /missions for over 20 years, traveling to over 70 countries. Diane works with Youth With a Mission, and is leads YWAM Hollywood.


Business: Diane has her Doctorate in Business, as well as a MBA & BBA. Diane has been a President/ CEO/ Executive at several international companies. She is a Business consultant & Executive coach. As an entrepreneur, she is the Founder/ Owner of over 20 companies.


Media: Diane is the founder and current President/ CEO of Kingdom Enterprises International, (KEI), a Multi-media production, publishing, and distribution company. Diane is a Published Author of over 25 books.


Arts/Entertainment: Diane is professional actress, producer, director and screenwriter.  She is a recorded songwriter and singer. Her feature film, “Crossroads Cafe” included several of her original songs. She is a painter, with an on-line art gallery, and a published book of her paintings. Diane is a dancer, who has lead several dance ministries. Diane owns a social justice jewelry company


Education: Diane teaches College classes globally with the University of the Nations & has had students from over 100 countries. She is Founder & President of the Destiny Center, which specializes training, and her “Discovering & Doing Your Destiny” class has been taught around the world.


Family: Published Children’s book author of several books featuring Zoom, the snail, and his friends.  Her work with Youth With a Mission focuses on raising up the next generation. 

Will & Lauren Roberts

Add Date here

Business: Will and Lauren own two companies: a fitness company,, as well as a nutritional supplement company,


Arts: Will is an actor for film and TV (, and Lauren is a composer ( and writer of an encouragement blog called The Encouragement Express

Al & Soraya Rondon minister in Managua, Nicaragua

Minister culturally on these mountains:

Business, Church, Arts


Bishop John & Thandi Mutula

Minister culturally on these mountains:

Church, Business

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